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Meet 2020 Corinne: Working from home, in a toxic marriage, stressed, 190lbs, making poor eating choices with little motivation to do anything beyond the bare minimum from being drained by taking care of 2 boys and a husband struggling with heavy addiction. 


Meet 2022 Corinne: Knowing EXACTLY what she wanted, she divorced her husband, graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and left her successful career in pharmaceuticals to design a new wellness coaching process that is PROVEN to help her clients achieve their goals whether in nutrition and fitness or dating and relationships.


Corinne works out like a VS Model weighing in at a stunning  122lbs and is obsessed with self-care. Corinne continues her education at IIN with a focus on the hormonal health of women, men and children. Her methods and processes are proven successful through her clients and tested to the absolute extreme on herself. 


Corinne is the definition of a wellness coach. 

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Meet 2020 James: Working 50+ hours/week in a meaningless job, 240lbs, in a broken marriage, depressed, always sick, hopeless, lazy and only looked forward to ordering takeout and binging TV shows. 


Meet 2022 James: After a major surgery in 2021, James left his marriage and quit (on the spot) his 6 figure sales job to pursue his ultimate goal of a life of physical and mental health and happiness. He studied IIN's curriculum along with Corinne and combined it with his 11 years of training and experience in corporate coaching at the largest telecommunications company in the world. He has created a truly unique and innovative way of wellness coaching that no one  could possibly match. He prides himself in helping men going through divorce and post divorce recovery to help men get back to who they really are. 


James goes to the gym 6 days/week, he's 170lbs, owns 2 profitable businesses, in the absolute best shape of his life and he couldn't be happier.  He will hold you accountable when no one else can or will. 


James knows what it takes.. and it's nothing you've ever done before.



The New Standard Wellness approach to wellness coaching is revolutionary. Our methods focus on root cause analysis, self-awareness and accountability while providing all of the necessary tools for physical and mental wellness.


The Discovery Session sets the pace for your custom program.  In this session, we get to know one another, establish your goals and make sure we are a right fit for each other. We ask that you complete a brief health history questionnaire and fill out a life chart prior to your session so for us to review. We will go over the forms during this session and begin a self discovery processes to use in future sessions. Discovery Sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes but may run longer so please allow yourself enough time for the session. 


You and your coach will schedule 12 or 24 weekly sessions based on your elected program length. Sessions will run for 60 minutes and focus on reaching your goals through your custom built program. These sessions will get more intense as we progress. It is REQUIRED of you to be completely honest and transparent during these sessions. There is never any judgement at NSWC.


You have access to your coach at ANY TIME at the touch of a piece of glass. TEXT & EMAIL your coach with questions and requests for DAILY food choices, fitness routines, meditations, motivational messages, etc.  

Going out with friends and not sure what to eat? Text your NSW coach and we'll look at the menu and make a recommendation.

Not sure what to eat in the house? Let's go through your pantry via video chat and make a healthy meal together. THEN let's clean that pantry out and make a grocery list and set you up for success. Need help while at the store? Call us. 

Unsure of how to get started with an exercise routine? Need help focusing on your abs? We'll send you daily options and guidance.

Stressed out today? Talk it out with your coach. 

Need constant motivation and accountability? You'll hear from your wellness coach more than you hear from your best friend.


We've got you covered. Review the Frequently Asked Questions we get from our clients. If you still have more, reach out via email, phone call or text and we'll be with you as soon as possible.

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